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We’re Rachel and Cole and our life is all over the place. Literally.


We left our house in Denver in May of 2022 to travel full-time in our renovated camper with our two dogs, Luna and Lady. But our journey to this lifestyle started years before we hit the road.


In the months leading up to the pandemic, we fell down a YouTube rabbit hole of full-time travel couples and individuals; people who were living a life that seemed so unattainable at the time. Cole was at the tail-end of his career as a college track and field coach and I (Rachel) started feeling unfulfilled in my career as a TV news reporter. We set our sights on full-time travel. We started working toward more freedom and more wild in our lives.


Our YouTube platform is more than a creative outlet; it’s an opportunity to share the learning curve of this lifestyle and the joys that come along with it. We want to share the highs and lows to the best of our ability and hopefully, inspire others to take a leap.

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